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Over 90,000 expats currently live in Bangkok. The city has quickly become a vibrant, expat-friendly metropolis and is considered the gateway to Thailand and all of Southeast Asia. With a never-ending list of things to do, foods to eat, culture to absorb, modern luxuries, ancient traditions and places to visit…all at a wallet-friendly price range, Bangkok is a top 10 global destination. Join the 1,500 people from all over the world who have relocated to Bangkok to work at Agoda!

Why I love living in Bangkok

Why I love living in Bangkok

All the amazing food, and the option to have it delivered to your doorstep at any time of day! Also, as a parent - the opportunity to get help in the house and with child care which allows for more flexibility in both work and social life. Last but not least; proximity to some great travel destinations (when we're allowed to do that again).


Associate Director – Special Projects, Partner Services


I love that it's so easy to jump on a plane and explore Thailand and the rest of Southeast Asia.


Senior UX Researcher, Product


Bangkok is a city full of vibrancy, energy, and life. It's a city that is constantly evolving.

Mike K.

Global Director of Brand, Marketing


Bangkok is an amazing city! There's great food - from street food, local treats to world-class Michelin star restaurants. The variety of activites is amazing - bars, nightlife, global artists performing in concerts, to the best islands and beaches you can find, and plenty of scuba diving.


Senior Director, Recruitment & Compensation, People


Pretty central for travel and well connected to countries in the region. Love the cultural side of the city there is always something new happening in the art world with it being a perfect blend of local and international works.


People Operations Partner, People

Sri Lanka

I like that you can tailor your experience to what your interest and price point are. If you want to save you can eat amazing street food and find really affordable housing, or you can indulge in chef tastings at a Michelin Star restaurant. You can immerse yourself in the local culture and also find very expat centered activities and communities that feel like home.


Senior Manager, Marketing Strategy, Marketing


Spending no more than $20 for a full night out (supper included), and then taking a taxi home at 4am for $2. High fun low stakes.


Senior UX Designer, Product


Surrounded by super smart people, working from the heart of Bangkok, makes this the most exciting job I've had.

Mike S.

Product Design Lead, Product



Thailand is located at the heart of the Southeast Asian Indochinese peninsula
and composes of 76 provinces.

Thailand is located at the heart of the Southeast Asian Indochinese peninsula and composes of 76 provinces.


Thailand has gained worldwide recognition for the quality of its healthcare, and ranks in the top ten for countries with the best healthcare systems.

Bangkok has very modern healthcare clinics and hospitals, in both public and private sectors. Best services are provided at private hospitals, which boast state-of-the art facilities and technology, internationally trained doctors and multilingual staff.


Thailand is located between vast areas of land and water, so it is impacted by both the summer and winter monsoons.

As a result, Thailand’s weather consists of six months of rainfalls during the wet season, three months of dry and cooling breezes during the winter, and three months of heat during the summer. The average temperature in Thailand ranges from 18 to 38°C.


There are approximately 70 million people living in Thailand, half of which live in urban cities.


The Thai Baht “THB” is the national currency.

Visa Process

Visa Process

Some companies, including Agoda, can sponsor your visa to work in Thailand. Once you have accepted a job offer with Agoda, the Onboarding team will reach out to you with details about upcoming steps; the most important of which is to prepare for the visa process and get you set up in our internal systems.

The visa process duration depends on various factors such as your nationality and where you’re currently based, but will generally take 6-8 weeks. Once you have arrived in Bangkok, you will have some time to settle into your temporary accommodation before your first day.

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About Bangkok:

Bangkok has one of the best healthcare services in the world that rivals that of top Asian and European healthcare systems and is generally considered safer than most European and American major cities. Boasting high-end modern amenities along with reliable public transport, Bangkok is the most visited city in the world.

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Bangkok offers variety of accommodation options and areas to fit all lifestyles. Whether you’re looking for spacious 3 bedroom houses closer to nature or cozy 28 sqm studios downtown, Bangkok covers it all.

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For those relocating with family and children, Bangkok has a multitude of international schools with qualified British & American curriculums to explore along with wide-ranged tuition fees.

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Food & Culture

Food & Culture:

Bangkok is world renowned for its vibrant traditions; a cultural mecca with endless things to do, see, explore, eat, and drink. From exploring ancient temples to reasonably-priced Michelin starred rooftop restaurants, there is never a dull moment when you explore Bangkok’s bustling streets.

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