Schooling and More

Deciding to move to a new country can be difficult, especially if you have a partner or children to consider. Here are some resources about relocating to Bangkok with your family: from information and discounts on international schools to workshops for partners of Agoda employees helping them to find jobs.



Transitioning successfully to Bangkok city life not only is important for Agodan’s but also their spouses and partners. Agoda+1 is a social and supportive group hosted by Agoda partners for Agoda partners and dependents on Facebook.

Regular social events are organized to connect members, useful information on Bangkok is shared and the group partners with the Agoda Recruitment Team to support spouses/partners in their career search.



For those relocating with family and children, Bangkok has a multitude of international schools with qualified British & American curriculums to explore along with wide-ranged tuition fees.

Learn more here.

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